Urban Development

Data Analytics

For a Far-East Asian government, combined GIS, demographic, voter & infrastructure data to develop insight & predictive models to establish better direction & efficiency in urban development budget spend.


Data Analytics - Performance Engineering - System Engineering - Software Development

Acting as an engineering partner for a US telecom based solution provider. Lending support in development, performance optimization of VoIP stack, creating & implementing contingency plans, 24/7 system engineering support. Employed near real time VoIP signaling analysis to improve user experience & reliability of the underlying infrastructure.


Data Analytics - Software Development

Working with a South Asian low cost healthcare service provider in field process automation & developing predictive models to identify per region healthcare needs, risks & optimize treatment planning.

Natural Disaster Prediction

Data Analytics

Working with a comprehensive GIS / satellite maps provider & combining expertise in machine learning, data analytics & computer vision to develop predictive models to assess drought or famine risks posed to arbitrary locations around the globe.

Energy Conservation

Data Analytics - System Engineering - Software Development

Working in the energy distribution space in conjunction with a US based university, a power utility company & a telecom company to improve energy statistics aggregation & develop algorithms to improve overall distribution efficiency & granular transparency in power consumption.


System Engineering - Software Development

Working with a US based provider of distance learning & online programs to design a virtual platform for course delivery for instructors & students. The platform doubles as both an online university and social network.


System Engineering - Software Development

For a major logistics group we were actively involved in a major e-commerce solution rollout with more than 10 payment options. Provided support in custom module development, payment gateway integration, system engineering & performance engineering.

What We Do?

We work with businesses of all sizes to deviler valuable solutions using technology.

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Performance Engineering

Given NexDegree's keen appreciation for the full stack of technology that goes into driving infrastructures and systems, it’s not just a matter of making sure that systems stay up but ensuring that they run optimally well.

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Data Analytics

NexDegree is fully cognizant of the knowledge based industries that are driving the global economy. We understand the value that data can bring to organizational, government and socially conscious institutions.

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Impact Investments

NexDegree not only believes in making innovation central to its culture but also that it must play its part in catalyzing other entrepreneurs, businesses and groups to help realize their ideas & potential.

Who We Are?

We are a team consisting of people who love to challenge themselves to make a difference in the world.

Our Vision: "Delivering human value through cutting edge technology."

Imran Moinuddin

Imran Moinuddin

Chief Executive Officer

Imran Moinuddin is the founder & CEO of NexDegree (Private) Limited. Prior to founding the company, Imran worked as a research analyst and consultant for a biometrics consulting firm in New York City where his clients included both private and government institutions such as the DHS, DARPA, White House Office of Science & Technology Policy and Honeywell. Imran is especially strong in the area of scalable architectures and systems/infrastructure performance optimization and has served clients in all major continents. He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Ahmed Moinuddin

Ahmed Moinuddin

Chief Financial Officer

Ahmed Moinuddin has 34 years of experience working in Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and General management functions. He has worked for Microwave Research Corporation, Pak-Arab Company, Raychem Corporation, Tyco Electronics, Berry Plastics Corporation in the fields of Telecommunications, Electronics, Defense Electronics Systems, and Corrosion Prevention. He holds a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering from University of London, a Master of Science in Electronic Engineering degree and an Electrical Engineer degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MBA degree from Stanford University.

Farhan Munir

Farhan Munir

Chief Operating Officer

Having been with the company since its inception, Farhan brings a keen mix of both industry and technical domain knowledge to serve not just in the capacity of a champion across a large variety of technologies but as a leader to oversee and manage fulfillment to make client ideas come alive. Driven by the desire to observe and apply standards in his team, he has successfully worked on a wide array of projects ranging from simple web applications to devising complex search algorithms. Farhan holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from DePaul University and is an avid travel blogger and enjoys his regular dose of fiction.

Dr. Tariq Mahmood

Dr. Tariq Mahmood

Data Scientist

Being the Chief Data Scientist at the company, Dr. Tariq is also an Associate Professor at Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology. He has around 10 years of research corporate experience in the domains of Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. He has worked in verticals such as Healthcare, Finance, Sales, Telcom, Travel Itineraries, Crime/Traffic Records and Holy Scriptures. He holds Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France and PhD in Reinforcement Learning from University of Trento, Italy.

Fawad Shafi

Fawad Shafi

Product Manager

Fawad Shafi is a Product Manager at NexDegree (Private) Limited. Though his personal passion lies towards infrastructure he takes pride in his handle over both the software and infrastructure domains. He has extensive hands on experience in various technologies & has done Masters from IQRA University In Computer Science.

Hadi Rizvi

Hadi Rizvi

Financial Controller

Having been with the company since it’s inception, Hadi is a miracle worker for all things involving regulatory matters, taxation, accounts and compliance. The value that he brings to the company cannot be emphasized enough with several decades worth of experience under his belt.

About Us

As an organization that strongly believes in using technology to solve real world, social and global problems since 2006, NexDegree has established itself as one of the leading technology companies focused on some of the most challenging problems for both local and global communities. We collectively believe that technology is an enabler, a vehicle and a tool that can be used responsibly as a means to deliver value for the world.


  • Data Analytics

  • Performance Engineering

  • System Engineering

  • Software Development

What We Offer

Being a company that derives its mission from its employees’ values, we firmly believe that growth of the company lies in the development of its employees. We strongly promote an open work environment that values empowerment to take risks and offers collaboration with high-caliber team members at all levels. We love to have people work with us who are passionate about new opportunities and thrive on strategic, tactical and intellectual challenges.

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